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The organization of CAD employees recommends that employees wishing to apply to STMicroelectronics, and in particular to ST Crolles, to be very vigilant about their future working and hiring conditions

Friday 30 June 2023

Paris, Friday June 30, 2023.

You can find the original of this press release in French (HERE) and its translation into Italian (HERE).

The "Collective, Autonomous and Democratic" (CAD) strongly encourages and advises future employees wishing to join STMicroelectronics to carefully compare the working and hiring conditions of the different companies in their employment pool before applying to this company. The CAD advises them in particular to carefully negotiate their initial employment contract such as their salary, of course, but also its evolution over at least 5 years.

Our employee organization also advises employees of the company STMicroelectronics to regularly update their CV online, remembering to indicate that they are available when this is the case.

These two recommendations apply particularly to the ST Crolles site.

It is an uncommon approach for a trade union organization of employees to make such recommendations, but it must be remembered that the purpose of our organizations is to "defend the profession", that is to say employees in the broad sense. Also, whether for all employees or for employees already present in STMicroelectronics, this approach seems necessary to us.

Indeed, to make the situation of employees and more particularly that of ST employees evolve more effectively, the CAD decided several months ago that it was necessary to increase the knowledge of employees internally and externally on the situation in STMicroelectronics and that this company is confronted with a dogma that is dear to it: the law of the market, and in this case the law of the labor market.

When this new way of acting had been decided, the CAD had started by broadcasting internal and private messages, encouraging employees to update their LinkedIn profile, while not forgetting to tick the box indicating that they are available. if this is their case. The situation is steadily worsening, this initiative is intensifying and diversifying, this is the purpose of this press release. Hoping that the management of STMicroelectronics will respond intelligently by seeking to solve the problems rather than continuing to type on the messengers (staff representatives) or directly on the employees who raise problems.

In the coming weeks, more detailed explanations will be given on why all categories of personnel are concerned, ranging from workers, technicians or engineers to managers or executives. Examples will be given for different sites, such as the events that recently occurred in team 4 at Crolles, where an employee committed suicide (see our previous press release), where the site’s HR department multiplied the statements considering the employees of this team as privileged, and where there has been strong pressure on our organization since we started talking about these statements to employees.

Important note:

  • this press release in English is a translation which necessarily contains errors or misinterpretations, and only the original press release in French makes reference. You can find it HERE.
  • If you find errors or mistakes, do not hesitate to communicate them to us at contact . THANKS.

Reference :

  • Press release n°1 on the attractiveness of STMicroelectronics and ST Crolles

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  • contact
  • or in case of unavailability, the Secretary General, Laurent C. +33 6 80 64 46 41


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